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1.A 试题分析:考查固定句式和同位语从句。本题中的There seems to be no possibility that…是一个固定句式。其中的that引导的是同位语从句,解释名词possibility的内容。因为前面是no possibility说明是确定的事情,故使用that引导。句意:这个害羞的女孩似乎不可能再比赛中赢得第一名。巩固A正确。点评:在高中的学习中平时要多积累固定句式的用法,考试时只能凭借记忆力来答题,尤其是单项选择很难推出某个句式的意思,所以平时的积累记忆是尤其重要的。学生可以将常考的全部积累在一起,通过反复的复习,从而达到永久的记忆下来。



3.Cause of children immersed in the fantasy 1. Fantasize about as they would like to become famous one day, so no learning. 2. Too much worship of them, Starchaser fanaticism, to affect their daily lives. Draft pick, shaving board elected inch girls, boys`hair bar; girls rough forceful words and deeds, and no lady style, the boys speak of Health thin thin gas,in action, that no real man This draft is not included in the in ction of 'men and not men and women, unlike women Reporters also found that "neutral style" primary and secondary schools in Hangzhou is very popular on campus. Upper school, lower body relaxed jeans, waist tie on some chain, which is a lot of female students dressed up. A high-school principals said that some girls think that is the United States popular. Thus, to blindly follow the example does not take into consideration whether or not in line with the identity of their own age. At the same time, the error of the "barbaric" as personality, as a means of self-advertised. Popular girls "neutral wind," there are too many boys in the gentle face. A reporter of the best high school boys focus on the discovery, he wears glasses, is particularly weak. The most incredible is that reporters and talked to him in the process, he even offered a兰花指to express his emotion. "Now the boy is too gentle, and then he goes on like this, the so-called 'man' in this generation may be necessary to gra ally disappeared. At present, draft-Star swamped, television screens around the draft program, advocating overnight fame day the rich man, the greatest impact children, the children naive, curious, plasticity, and ability to imitate, and guide non-performing, it will errors into the e cation. Starchaser known to many children, all day long to go crazy to crazy do not want to study, the results did not make Star Dream, also abandoned their studies, the golden age of the delay, employment has become a big problem, and even a life-long mistake. Parents blame the school blame the school blame the sins of parents, two children in the e cation effort spent not a small child is still listen wind rain, the result is not satisfactory, and the cause is the "pick their own activities," and support media, as well, non-intervention in the management of departments, schools and parents to have any solutions? Can only be looked at "flowers fall down artesian water." Yinping full draft of the activities of their children has a huge "mass destruction", it is also not forgotten the 80's have been blowing across the campus Cyclones fans, many of them do so obsessed with the "star dream." Today's "Yinping draft" will remain a large number of enticing a child into the "Star Dream", "old diseases" will "relapse." Since ancient times, the sky will not drop Pizza, vicissitudes of life is the right way, will star the opportunity to a handful of people, hard to fight does not mean that the large number of children up to the fire in it? Government departments and the community should be a rational view of the Draft. In particular the media, media e cation should be the gateway to live, not money eyes, forgot the important task of the e cation of young people and interfered with learning and teaching in order to live. To know that children are flowers of the motherland, the hope of the future, is the disastrous harm children, increase the draft of the monitoring program without delay. "Draft" the impact on children has also aroused the concern of experts. China Children's Center is responsible for Huang domain concerned that, at present, "draft" of a younger age showed an alarming tendency. Frequent "draft" is not con cive to the growth of minors, comparisons are easy to breed them psychology, to the impetuous business activities spread to the atmosphere in the e cational environment. He said the public should strictly distinguish between the activities and commercial activities, to avoid premature children's participation in income-generating activities. 展开





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