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free bikini pics hibiki大师精选

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free bikini pics

1.(1)free talk一分钟–(panda),Oct 1st and 2nd,I went on errand.I went to national nature protection zone called Wolong,the hometown of Panda,The road situation ring the trip was very bad,therefore,this errand was pretty hard,I didn't take my sony F828 camera cause the time was not enough.As a result,I just grabbed a common DC,the quality of the pics is not very good.Any way,I got the pics of the panda,Wanna show you my national treasure-Panda!(2)The Most Important Thing in My LifeSome things around us may be small,but often it 's of great value in our life.So a common thing in our daily life can even own the power to change the orbit of our life.This is the most important thing that I would keep in mind forever.In my opinion,I did well in math and so did my classmate Jim.We often communicate with each other.Once ,our school would hold a mathematics competition and make it a rule that every class only had one representative.The chance was so precious that I didn't want to miss it.But Jim was also a good competitor to me.So our math teacher give a test between us.The result was that Jim beat me by one point.How disappointed I was then!But ,just after a minute,Jim turned back to my teacher and explained that our teacher had made a mistake so that it was I that should be the winner instead of him.Therefore ,I finally was chosen to be the representative of our class.Then I really didn't know how to express my feeling,but I knew that I would never forget what this thing taught me.It might seem to be a small thing but I really learned a lot from that.It tells me that I should be honest at any time and it is the best policy in our life.

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