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1.proud英音:[praud]美音:[praud]形容词 a. 1.骄傲的,有自尊心的2.傲慢的,自负的He's too proud to speak to poor people like us. 他太骄傲了,从不与我们这样的穷人说话。 3.自豪的,得意的[F][(+of)][+to-v][+(that)]She is proud that she is the cheerleader of the school. 她以当学校啦啦队队长而自豪。 She is proud of her accomplishments. 她为自己的成就而自豪。 I'm proud to be your friend. 做你的朋友我感到骄傲。 4.辉煌的,值得夸耀的以下结果来自互联网网络释义1.骄傲的,引以自豪的学位英语必须掌握的单词 – 网络教育论坛—proud 骄傲的,引以自豪的


2.proud pra?d DJ praud KK adjective Irregular: prouder; proudest feeling pleased and satisfied about something that you own or have done, or are connected with 骄傲的;自豪的;得意的;满足的 ~ (of sbsth) ~ (to do sth) ~ (that…) proud parents 自豪的父母 the proud owner of a new car 得意扬扬的新汽车主人 Your achievements are something to be proud of. 你的成就是值得骄傲的。 He was proud of himself for not giving up. 他为自己没有放弃而豪情满怀。 I feel very proud to be a part of the team. 能成为队中的一员我感到十分荣幸。 She was proud that her daughter had so much talent. 女儿这么有天赋令她喜不自胜。 See also: house-proud causing somebody to feel pride 引以为荣的;令人自豪的 only before noun This is the proudest moment of my life. 这是我生命中最荣耀的时刻。 The car had been his proudest possession. 这辆汽车是他最引以自豪的财产。 feeling that you are better and more important than other people 傲慢的;骄傲自大的 disapproving See also: arrogant Synonym She was too proud to admit she could be wrong. 她自视甚高,不愿承认自己也会有错。 He is too proud now to be seen with his former friends. 他现在十分高傲,不想让人看见他与旧朋友来往。 having respect for yourself and not wanting to lose the respect of others 自尊的;自重的 They were a proud and independent people. 他们是一个独立自主的民族。 Don't be too proud to ask for help. 不要放不下自尊求人帮忙。 beautiful, tall and impressive 秀丽的;挺拔的;壮观的 literary The sunflowers stretched tall and proud to the sun. 向日葵在阳光中亭亭玉立。 See also: pride adverb Idiom: do somebody proud old-fashioned, British English to treat somebody very well by giving them a lot of good food, entertainment, etc. 盛情款待;给某人隆重礼遇 Idiom: do yourselfsomebody proud to do something that makes you proud of yourself or that makes other people proud of you 做令自己风光(或骄傲)的事;做赢得赞誉的事





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